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Design Tips For Spanish Villas In Hot Climates

Design Tips for Spanish Villas in Hot Climates

The interior design of a ski lodge in the snowy mountains of Switzerland will be very head soccer hack tool no survey different than the decor of an open-plan Mediterranean villa. When you are decorating Spanish villas, you will want to take into consideration what the conditions are like in the surrounding area, and in Spain those conditions are usually hot, sunny and absolutely gorgeous!

Although the weather is hot outside, you will want your holiday home to be a comfortable temperature inside. By keeping the hot and sunny climate in mind when designing your holiday home you can make sure that your living space is as cool and bluestacks head soccer hack comfortable as possible.

Here are some home decor tips for a villa in hot and sunny Spain:

Less is more. One of the most important factors to keeping your home cool is to encourage the circulation of air throughout the house. If your home is cramped and crowded this will not help. Try to keep your villa as uncluttered as possible, and consider removing doors or walls to make a more “open plan” design which will encourage air flow.

When you paint the outside of any Spanish villas, it should be painted in a light colour such as white or cream so that it will reflect the heat of the sun. You will notice that many traditional Spanish villas are painted white, and this is why.

When you are installing window shades and blinds, make sure that these are white or a light colour as well.

You might be tempted to decorate with indoor plants, but did you know that they actually produce a lot of airborne moisture and increase the humidity inside your home? This can make your space feel a lot hotter than it is.

If your villa has any south-facing windows, these will bright a lot of heat into the house during the day time. Install an awning or an overhang above these windows to provide shade and keep the extra heat out of the house.

You might want to consider adding a skylight for ventilation. A venting skylight can really provide pokemon go hack online Spanish villas with a cooling effect because the warm inside air will rise up out of the skylight and keep the house cool.

Use plenty of lightweight and flowing fabrics in your interior design. Dont use heavy blankets, rugs, or curtains. Silk or lightweight cotton bed sheets are nice and cool to sleep in and thin and airy fabrics work well for window shades.

Tiles are a great material to use on floors and walls in Spanish villas, because they stay cool in the heat. If your villa comes with tile floors you can restore them, and if it doesnt you might consider adding them in.

These are just a few ways that you can decorate your villa in Spain to suit the hot climate.