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Hooked On A Bruce Hardwoods American Vintage Collection

Hooked On A Bruce Hardwoods?American Vintage Collection

I&25251;l be the first to admit it. Vintage-inspired, distressed hardwood floors are starting to grow on me, big time. The distressing techniques and pigments used to enhance the woods really give a floor some character. And who wouldn&25264; want character in their homes? Among my favorites ?Bruce Hardwoods?line appropriately called the American Vintage Collection.

I like the floors in the American Vintage Collection because they seem to tell a story. Made from beautiful walnut and cherry wood species, the planks have rich brown pigments to enhance the natural rings and spores.

My favorite is the Sangria Cherry in this collection because like everyone else, I really like this exotic wood and how its reddish undertones deepen as it ages and is exposed to sunlight.

Mesa Brown Walnut is another lovely choice in this collection because it is so rich ?reminds me of making toasty chocolate s&25254;ores over the fireplace when I was a kid.
Something about it just exudes warmth and comfort. That&25263; how I want to feel each time I set foot into my home. It&25263; also how I want my guests to feel this website when they come over.

The woods in this collection come in traditional five-inch wide planks with varying lengths. All woods in this collection are engineered, and they are also available in Lock and Fold for easy installation. All come with micro-beveled edges and ends, and are backed by Bruce&25263; 25-year finish warranty (which lets you know you&25262;e getting a top-quality product).

But don&25264; take my word for how wonderful share this site these floors truly are. I&25254; still deciding which to buy, but I&25254; so much closer to making my decision after consulting with a licensed Bruce Hardwood Flooring retail and installation specialist. check here

I advise you to do the same. You&25251;l feel comfortable about your purchase, and you&25251;l be sure that it&25263; installed properly (which will ensure you have your warranty). After all, I don&25264; just want to enjoy my vintage hardwood floor now ?I want to enjoy it forever. So should you.