Honey Aids Early Healing Of Bruises, Cuts, Contusion

Honey Aids Early Healing Of Bruises, Cuts, Contusion

Honey has been used as a dressing for Bruises, Cuts, and Contusion since long and there are many historical evidence that point out to the fact that honey was used even 200 years back by Indian and Chinese medical practitioners. Honey is a super saturated solution of sugar. It is made from the nectar of plants. Other components of Honey are water, enzymes, amino acids, visit more information pigments, pollen, wax, and other trace constituents from both bees and plants.

Use of Honey in wounds is dated about 3500 BC. The ancient Egyptians used honey for burns and wounds. Honey has unique ability to fight pathogens and aid healing. Since honey has an growtopia hack online acidic pH more information it makes the site unsuitable to pathogenic infections. Further it produces a by product in its enzymatic action against glucose- Hydrogen Peroxide which is rapidly cidal to most pathogens. It also keeps the wound site moist which helps in early healing of the wounds. The high sugar content pulls out water from the wound sites by a process of osmosis thus reducing swelling and pain.

Honey is made from nectar of plants. The plant origin of the base from which honey is prepared makes it very safe. A word of caution- Do not use pasteurized honey as it destroys the enzyme and makes the honey less potent. Studies have confirmed that honey is a very good bactericidal. Honey on being used as a dressing reduced inflammation, pain, and infection. It helped in removal and replacement of dead tissues and also prevents scarring.

Studies comparing honey with other antiseptics used for dressing showed that honey is equal in all respects to conventional antiseptics. In comparison with Silver Sulphadiazine which is the usual preparation for treating Bruises, Cuts, and Contusion persons treated with Honey recovered faster and 100% wounds were healed in 21 days as compared to SSZ ointment which showed a healing rate of 72%. Those treated with honey had less scarring also. Honey was however less effective in deep layer burns.

Thus honey has an enormous potential of being used as a wound dressing in trauma Bruises, Cuts, and Contusion. Honey is economical, non toxic, with minimal side effects. It has a very long history of use and can be used with confidence. Further research is needed to find more uses of this wonder elixir of life.